Big Bad Dream

by Ligamentum

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released February 20, 2019


all rights reserved



Ligamentum Champaign, Illinois

Indie Noise Folk project from Champaign Il.

The focus is to create expressive and melodic music that uses abrasive guitar, bright synths, and wrought vocals to create a unique emotional tone. I hope you enjoy my experiments! ... more

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Track Name: Silhouettes
The creature signed the first of five hundred contracts
minding it the last
wandering it's mind it finds that everything won't last
bet of getting all he wants is nothing to the lack of what sets everything on track
the energy the hum of drinking what is pumped

the future changed while I was after sillhouettes
wandering the grass and finding rocks and glass
it winds and tunnels through the trash
growing lots of arms it climbs and causes harm
it finds an open door at last
following the smell it wanders down to hell
Track Name: Inmired
Oh don't spend your time inmired
Oh! Like something has to come from every word you know
You know?

If you knew there's other ways yo go
If you know there's other ways to go
If you know there's another way to go
How can you know there's other ways?

The very understated power
Doesn't seem you finally have learned of everything you've earned

The very spoken of cold sour
What it means is something that you have is something that is lacked
Track Name: Blood Study
Wave after wave, of
Wave after wave, of

Would you believe?
Would you believe that there's escape from this place?
It makes for great stories
The pages left blank are now a tool for the face
It makes a fool out of me

Take it away,

Wouldn't it mean?
You sing often a worsened thing
I haven't said goodbye
Cuz I haven't got goodbye in me
Track Name: Lateral Sky
Watching earnest earnings clatter fall
into the hands automaton
arrows, bullets peel, collide, and shatter skulls
or travel softly over all

the sky will whine its simple faults
it twists and binds he to its faults
until the knots too tight to stop
and till he lies down in his sobs

off and on upon a mountain wall
your eyes are trembling with are
dread aloud it fills the valley where
I lived and others lived there too

Well I know that we are safe here
you whisper soon that we must go
and through the sun there'll fall a rope
I'm so glad we climbed the rope
Track Name: Antidote?
it feels so good to scrape the sore
it's oozing now but I want more

the waiting here makes me feel bored
the waiting feels like dying lord

i'm feeling badly more and more
and it feels so good to close the door

i'm feeling badly more and more
it feels so good to peel the soul

not meant to be the way I am
you say as if there were a question

it reasons holes throughout your skull
it fraternizes with your downfall

with senses fading by the hour
and all that's left soon are the bitters and sours

with the senses fading by the hour
and all that's left soon are the bitters and sours

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